Imagine a bicycle, that has an integrated electric motor, it’s light, it can go fast… or slow if you want… it’s practical, it’s very eco-friendly… It’s not a bike, it isn’t a car either, it’s an e-bike and I promise you it really exists.

“Doing more with less and living better for it. This sums up well the beauty of the e-bike.”

Speed: The average speed of an e-bike is approximately 24 kmp/h which is comparable to the average speed of a car driving through town at 29 kmp/h. Not to mention it’s the size of a bicycle, it’s practical and agile and would without a doubt get through town quicker than a car.

Exercise: Although e-bikes are pedal assist, they still give you a workout as you do need to put in physical effort in order for the pedals to turn and the “boost” is proportionate to your efforts. Therefore e-bikes improve your cardiovascular health, fitness and aerobic capacity.

Assistance: You can manipulate the pedal assist settings from no assistance to a “super boost”, allowing you to pace yourself according to the terrain and your fitness level.


Ebike tours in cape townelectric bike tours in cape town

Throttle: The bike can sense the power with which the rider pedals and will give you power proportionate to your pedalling. The sensation has been described as “super-womanly”, “magical”, “the best antidepressant ever invented” and more…

Weight: You can transport a considerable amount of weight (rider and gear) on an e-bike and still maintain an average speed of 24 kmp/h without breaking into a sweat.

Eco-friendly: E-bikes use much  less energy on a ride than a 5 minute hot shower.

Distance: A fully charged e-bike can go for approximately 40 km on gentle terrain. E-bikes will take you longer distances in a shorter amount of time compared to a bicycle, allowing you to visit more sights and places in beautiful Cape Town than you usually would in a day.


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