What is the best way to visit Cape Town?


There are many ways to explore a city, you can drive around and see the unique architecture behind the veil of a slightly blurry car window, trying to imagine what the people walking by are saying and what language they are speaking, picking up muffled and indistinguishable sounds as you sit back comfortably on those leather seats, commenting on the concrete jungle you passively observe while you are stuck in traffic with the AC turned on high.
Alternatively you can visit Cape Town and immerse yourself in the streets amongst the locals by walking around in your summer dress and uncomfortable sandals for a couple hours in the City Bowl before you decide it’s time to take a break from the blisters and sun hitting your shoulders and enjoy a cocktail at The Orphanage. Eventually you’ll probably call it a day as the bubbles slowly go to your head and will plan to hit the town tomorrow again to see the other half of the city you didn’t have time to walk to yet.

The third option would be to rent a bicycle. Cycling in Cape Town is great, especially if you’re on the fitter side. Cape Town is known to be hilly, and quite windy at times, which could possibly restrict you to certain areas you’re able to visit on a bicycle, but it does allow you to see much more of the city in the same amount of time as walking does. There’s one small hiccup though. Looking stylish on a regular bicycle can sometimes be quite tough. Tips? Wear lots of deodorant, avoid the hilly bits and the sun and don’t wear grey t-shirts. You should be fine.
Finally, there is one way to visit Cape Town that trumps them all (I know you’ve been patiently waiting for a solution. And no, not that Trump). E-bikes are only slowly starting to make their appearance in the Mother City and we’re so excited about it! E-bikes are coming to Cape Town. What is the best way to visit Cape Town. Eco-friendly transport alternativeImagine adding a little bit of electric power to your regular bicycle, giving yourself the extra strength you need to take on steep hills and cover long distances. You will easily be able to see the whole of Cape Town in a day, from the beautiful Miami vibes of Camps Bay, through the acclaimed V&A Waterfront, into the colorful Cape Malay Quarters and down into the mixing pot of different cultures found in the city center, all the while taking in the fresh air, scents, languages and accents from your surroundings. Feeling immersed and connected to the people around you, you won’t need to worry about the way you look… or smell. For a little more technical information, check out the infogram below. But just remember these key words:

  • Stylish
  • Easy-ride
  • Long distance
  • Immersive
  • Fast and fun :). Or slow and fun, that’s the beauty of it. It’s really up to you.



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