e-bikes and food tours in Cape Town

Join us for an incredible experience in the Mother of all cities in South Africa, and one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world.
Cape Town is a city like no other with busy streets filled with rich African and Cape Malay culture, and also a huge international scene. It goes without saying that all these different people and ethnicities add a ton of diversity and make South Africa a truly unique country in its ways and traditions.

Very noticeably, these cultures have all contributed to making South Africa, and specifically Cape Town, the top food city in the world, rated by Condé Nast Traveler magazine 2016 . It is therefore a crime to visit this magnificent city without having sampled all the best local cuisine and foodie hotspots.

Join us at Venture South as we will take you to the top foodie places in the city….. but wait…. there’s more… You will be touring the city on the comfortable saddle of an e-bike. A pedal-assist bicycle allowing you to see much more of the city in less time. There is simply no better way to ride around town while getting such a full experience.

Making our way from the Atlantic coast in Seapoint with stunning ocean views, we head into the city bowl and visit the Cape Malay quarters, specked with rainbow coloured houses, eager for our first food tasting: Traditional Cape Malay, like koeksisters and samosas.

e-bikes and Cape Malay traditional food experience in Cape Town

We will then head down to the upcoming and trendy Bree street and visit some of the coolest hotspots where we will get to sample more of the Afrikaans/English traditional South African foods, like biltong, South African cheese, craft beer and more.

We will continue riding through Cape Town city center on our electric bicycles, taking you to all the must see places and heading to some more fantastic foodie stops along the way.


Food tours and e-bike tours in Cape Town

Join us for an incredible city traditional food experience or just let us know what you like and we can custom-make an experience for you to fit your preferences.

If you’re a local, come on board as we are certain you will love the experience of simply zooming around on an e-bike. Fun and good times guaranteed.