Japan has many charms. This fascinating country is so different from any culture you will ever experience! Here are 5 reasons to visit Japan:

The people will shock you! The Japanese culture is based on respect and service for one another. The culture is rooted in Bhuddism. People are extremely helpful , respectful and patient . Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world yet there is a sense of quietness and peacefulness around the streets that you wont experience in any other cities. There is traffic but you will never hear anyone hooting or see anyone arguing or even getting slightly upset. The trains are super busy but you wont see anyone getting annoyed or stepping out of line.  People are unbelievably helpful – Slightly lost one occasion I asked a stranger on a platform how to get to a certain station , he ended up escorting me to where I needed to go and this happed to me on atleast 3 other occasions where people will actually totally drop what they doing and escort you to where you need to go!


The Food is quality – There is a huge emphasis on quality in Japan across the board , the very same quality rule applies to Japanese food. The level of quality is insane weather you visit a local Japanese spot or even an Italian restaurant for a pizza.. Another thing is the service – The service is the best I’ve received in all the places I have visited.  You will always be welcomed and taken very good care of. Another thing I love is that whenever you go to a restaurant or food spot you get a warm hand towel or moistured napkin when you sit down. You also get a complimentary water served as you sit down at most places. At  local Japanese restaurants you are likely to get water and also a complimentary starter before ordering anything. I had a delicious chicken soup stew starter complimentary on the occasion I visited a local spot. Ontop of all this there is no tipping culture in Japan.



Japan is unique!  – Japan is like no other country in the world. There are vending machines everywhere. You can get ice cream from vending machines and also beer. The taxis doors open and close automatically and you can pay seamlessly with a credit card for your taxi ride. You will not see litter or rubbish anywhere. You wont see any homeless people in Tokyo.. Many restaurants have a self order system with a touch screen at the entrance , you simply choose what you want , pay and get a receipt. Soon after your food is delivered by a waitress and in some cases via a conveyor belt system.   Bowing is a thing in Japan. you will often see bows being exchanged between fellow Japanese. The depth of the bow depends on a level of social respect the other person has to you. Its also not common to see Japanese people waiting in long cues for certain restaurants, sometimes these cues will go around the corner, the fascinating part is that everyone in these standing cues dont look in the slightest impatient and more than happy to wait say 45 minutes to get a table. Uber is not a thing in Japan. The government has regulated Uber to keep the Taxis in business. There are also restrictions with Airbnb , a law was passed recently which made it very difficult for airbnb hosts therefore Airbnb options are limited,  There are many more quirky traits that you will be sure to experience on your visit.



The Fashion- In Tokyo people are dressed very fashionably and people certainly make an effort especially the woman. The Fashion is spread wide across many levels in Japan. There is wacky alternative fashion , sophisticated trendy fashion , street wear & hipster fashion, as well as traditional type modern day fashion. All these styles are accepted into the Japanese society and makes it interesting as a visitor. There are many shopping districts that will be able to accommodate your style . One of my favourite shopping areas was Harajuku.  Tokyo certainly lived up to its name of being a great place to do shopping.


The Nature – Only 2 hours north of Tokyo via the Tobu Rail you have a magical and some what undiscovered area called Nikko. Nikko offers scenic mountainous landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails. The views where breathtaking and the air was so fresh it was like you could touch it. I suggest booking a guided trip to Nikko with BOJ like we did, I also recommend taking the Tobu Rail which was so comfortable and allowed perfect views of the countryside. Must do experiences in Nikko would be the Japanese Onsen (natural hot spring), Electric Biking along the Lake Chuzenjiko, and also the Kenjogahara Hike which gives you Crystal clear views of lakes, nostalgic marshland, and powerful waterfalls.
I hope you found these insights interesting . Soon to be released will be our Passport heavy channel video where you can get more insights into our Japan trip.
Cheers for now ,